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Ep 1: Franklin Romero, LCSW on Cultural Competence and Mental Wellness

Updated: Feb 21

Hi everyone! Thank you for coming back to FIERCE FILIPINA the Youtube Channel! I'd like to introduce you to my very close friend, Franklin.

Franklin Romero (pronouns he/him/his) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in Los Angeles. As a native Angelino, he enjoys the diversity in foods, languages, and cultures that Southern California offers. He also enjoys traveling, cooking and keeping up to date with alternative healing practices from across the world. In this episode, Franklin and I try to remember how exactly we met at USC in 2010, he tells me about his parents' move from El Salvador, and what it was like growing up in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Since Franklin is a fellow social worker, we also talk about cultural competence in clinical interventions, the importance of reaching out, and mental well being.

You'll also hear me being a bit self-deprecating about myself throughout the episode. I promise I'm working on it!

Please enjoy this episode! And don't forget to like, share, comment and subscribe to this YouTube Channel. Thank you, all!



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