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Ep 2: Dr. Jamille Nagtalon Ramos on Filipina Women and Reproductive Health Knowledge & Attitudes

Hi everyone! Thank you for coming back to @fiercefilipinaofficial the Youtube Channel! I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite person, Dr. Jamille Nagtalon Ramos.

Dr. Jamille received her Doctorate in Education and MSN from the University of Pennsylvania and her BSN from Rutgers University. She focuses on the Filipino American experience and investigates sexual reproductive health disparities. Dr. Jamille is a board certified nurse practitioner and lactation consultant who helped developed the inpatient hospitalist role at U Penn. She has also written several books including the award winning women's reference guide, "Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care: Evidence Based Practices," which you can find on Amazon (

In this episode, Dr. Jamille and I reminisce about the kismet moment when we met in Boston last fall, and my love of her "uterus cookies." She also details her experience of moving from the Philippines to the US at the age of 15 after she and her siblings had a long-distance relationship with her mom who had already moved to the US to serve as a pediatric ICU nurse. We discuss her important research pertaining to Filipina women and their knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy surrounding sexual and reproductive health. Lastly, she gives us a sneak peak on the data she has just collected from the "Tita Study" (intergenerational communication) and contraceptive knowledge research amongst Filipino Americans. Here is Dr. Jamille's academic article that we discuss:

Please enjoy this episode! And don't forget to like, share, comment and subscribe to this YouTube Channel. Thank you, all!



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